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Oral Conscious Sedation

Are You A Good Candidate for Oral Conscious Sedation

Are you often nervous about visiting the dentist, even if it’s just for a checkup and cleaning? Dental anxiety is extremely common, which is why many practices offer oral conscious sedation to help their patients stay comfortable during their appointments. Could oral conscious sedation in Washington help you have a more positive dental experience? Here are 5 signs that you might be a good candidate.

1. You are Truly Afraid of Visiting the Dentist

About 9 to 15% of patients are so nervous about visiting the dentist that they skip their appointments altogether. If you have particularly strong dental anxiety or phobia, oral conscious sedation could be the ideal solution for you. You’ll still be conscious enough to follow your dentist’s instructions, but you’ll also be in such a deep state of relaxation that you’ll be completely comfortable with what’s happening around you.

2. You Have a Sensitive Mouth That Makes Dental Work Painful

Some people have gums and teeth that are unusually sensitive, which can make even a routine appointment very uncomfortable. Oral conscious sedation can be used to stop you from experiencing pain during your treatment. You might feel some pressure while your dentist works on your teeth, but you shouldn’t notice any real discomfort. This can take much of the stress out of your visits.

3. The Smells and Sounds of the Dentist’s Office Bother You

For many people, pain isn’t what keeps them away from the dentist; it’s the sensations they experience at the practice. Are you bothered by the smell of dental gloves or disturbed by the sound of a dental drill? If so, oral conscious sedation may be a good option. While under the effects of the sedative, you’re less likely to be bothered by the smells and sounds associated with dental care.

4. You Have an Unusually Strong Gag Reflex

An unusually strong gag reflex can make any kind of dental work problematic. In the worst-case scenario, it could even prevent you from having an important treatment such as a tooth extraction is done. Luckily, oral conscious sedation can help you control your gag reflex to stay calm and comfortable while your smile is being worked on.

5. You Plan on Having a Long Procedure Done

More complex or intensive types of dental work can leave you sitting in the dental chair for a very long time. Even patients who aren’t normally anxious about seeing the dentist will likely be uncomfortable sitting still for that long. Oral conscious sedation can go a long way toward keeping you calm during such treatments.

If any of the signs listed above apply to you, it may be a good idea to have oral conscious sedation performed at your next dental visit. Call your dentist today to learn more about this option and how they can use it to enhance your care.

About the Author

Dr. Barry Bartusiak was born right here in the Washington community. He has presented over 500 lectures on various dental topics in 44 states and Canada. His practice, Bartusiak Dental Care of Washington, provides different forms of sedation dentistry, including oral conscious sedation, to help anxious or frightened patients relax. To schedule an appointment, visit his website or call (878) 218-7044.

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