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Can You Clean Dentures In The Mouth

Is Cleaning Dentures Ok While In The Mouth

You have come to recognize the importance of taking good care of your dentures to keep them looking great and lasting for many years. You’ve talked to your dentist about proper care before, but one question you haven’t posed is if you could brush your dentures while they are in your mouth. While you were planning to bring it up at your next appointment, here is some discussion from your dentist in Washington on the idea, as well as further tips for cleaning dentures.

Do I Have to Take Out My Dentures Before Brushing Them?

The quick answer is you do not have to take them out. If you decide to brush them in your mouth, be sure to use a soft-bristled toothbrush without toothpaste. Most brands of toothpaste do more harm than good for dentures.

While it’s okay to clean them this way, it’s not ideal since you can conduct a more thorough cleaning if you take them out. In fact, it’s fine to brush your dentures along with your natural teeth but set aside time twice each day when you take your dentures out and focus on thoroughly cleaning them. It’s a much easier and more efficient use of your time to take out your dentures to effectively clean all surfaces.

How Can I Ensure My Dentures Always Get a Superior Cleaning?

To ensure your dentures function optimally, it’s key to keep them clean. Here are some daily tips:

  • Clean your natural teeth with toothpaste. Be sure to take care of them just as well as you try to do for your dentures. Use regular fluoride toothpaste or a variety recommended by your dentist.
  • Use a soft-bristled toothbrush for cleaning; whether you take out your dentures or clean them while in your mouth, a soft-bristled brush is a wise choice to remove food debris and plaque. Once they are thoroughly cleaned, store them in a cup of fresh, cold water, so they retain moisture.
  • Use a specialized denture-cleaning paste when you take them out for cleansing. This should be done twice daily, even if you are brushing dentures in your mouth along with your natural teeth.

The key to denture care is that you take them out twice each day to cleanse them with a specialized denture-cleaning paste for maximum effectiveness. If you want to brush them while they are in your mouth along with your natural teeth at other points in the day, that’s okay. Also, follow additional instructions from your dentist, and be sure to ask them any questions about your dentures at your next appointment.

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