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IV Sedation

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Here in Washington, PA, our team is very familiar with the woes of dental-related anxiety and fear. That’s why we place such a high priority on helping patients feel warmly welcomed and right at home throughout every visit. When that effort just isn’t enough, though, we have some extra help waiting in the wings – sedation dentistry. These professional techniques are designed to ease negative emotions and create a more relaxing environment for treatment to proceed safely. If you’d like to learn more or schedule a consultation, don’t hesitate to call our team to learn more about sedation dentistry in Washington, PA dental office.

IV Sedation

If you struggle with the idea of visiting the dentist’s office, our team at Bartusiak Dental Care of Washington can help. Whether it is dental anxiety or preparing for extensive, complex dental treatments, IV sedation in Washington is a safe and effective way to keep you comfortable and ensure a smoother, more relaxing experience. If you have questions or concerns about this type of sedation dentistry, don’t hesitate to contact our team .

What is IV Sedation?

IV sedation is a form of treatment that is designed to help patients suffering from dental anxiety experience a more comfortable and relaxing dental visit. Because it is administered with a needle into the hand or the bend of the elbow, it is more invasive than oral conscious sedation. However, the medicine works much quicker because of its direct entrance to the bloodstream.

Within minutes, patients begin to feel calmer and more at ease, making it possible to relax any type of gag reflex, minimize the chances of movement within the dental chair, and prevent increased anxiety.

IV sedation is commonly used when patients are preparing to undergo lengthy or multiple dental treatments, and the dentist requires the individual to remain still to ensure a safe procedure.

Because the side effects from IV sedation do take time to wear off, patients are required to have someone take and pick them up from their appointment.

Who is a Good Candidate for IV Sedation?

Before beginning any type of dental procedure, patients are required to meet with their sedation dentist in Washington to discuss their candidacy. It is imperative that our dental team have a clear understanding of a person’s medical history and any medications they’re currently taking. Certain pill medicines can negatively affect IV sedation, so all of this must be discussed ahead of time.

Most patients, however, are considered good candidates if they:

  • Have a sensitive gag reflex
  • Have severe dental anxiety
  • Are preparing for multiple or lengthy dental procedures
  • Have difficulty achieving numbness with other sedation solutions

The Benefits of IV Sedation

A patient may be a bit apprehensive when first discovering IV sedation, but the reality is there are many great benefits to choosing this type of treatment to assist in ensuring a successful appointment. Some of the most common advantages include:

  • Minimal chance of experiencing problems, which can trigger dental anxiety
  • The side effects of the solution work quickly
  • Patients are continually monitored throughout their procedure to ensure they remain safe
  • Individuals will enjoy greater oral health because of the decision to undergo dental care when they would have simply put it off before

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Stefanie King
Stefanie King
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Dr. Barry and his staff are wonderful. They make you feel comfortable the moment you walk in. During your visit, they are always asking if you need anything and if you’re okay. Every staff member is very friendly. I have had both routine cleaning and dental work done and am extremely pleased with both. I definitely recommend this office for your dental needs.
Justin Benson
Justin Benson
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Fantastic experience. Started seeing Dr. Barry for a dental emergency a few months ago. I tried contacting 10+ dentists in the area, none of them would see me. Crazy, right? I'm very happy those 10+ dentists declined me as a patient. I had an appointment scheduled with Dr. Barry the next day. Professional, knowledgeable, friendly staff. Nothing but good things to say as a new patient. And no, I wasn't provided a gift card to leave this review. I did so on my own free will.
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