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Tooth Extractions

We Make You Comfortable When Extractions Are Needed

When you’re young, losing your baby teeth is a matter of course. Adult teeth, on the other hand, are supposed to last the rest of your life, and we’ll do everything in our power to preserve them whenever they’re injured or infected. That said, every situation is unique, and the unfortunate reality is that not every tooth can be salvaged. If you call Dr. Bartusiak for a dental emergency and end up needing a tooth removed; as a result, we’ll use our advanced techniques and sedation options to help you remain calm and comfortable throughout tooth extractions in our Washington, PA, dental office.

Why is Tooth Extraction Necessary?

The decision to remove a tooth is not one that we’ll ever make lightly. That said, there are generally some very specific situations where the procedure must be considered. The most common is when a tooth has suffered from extreme damage. This might be due to an injury, or it could be a consequence of untreated decay. In either case, while there are options for repairing or treating the tooth (such as crowns or root canal therapy), they might not be viable under certain circumstances. For instance, if a crown has completely broken off and the remainder of the tooth is below the gum line, it might not be possible to place a restoration. Other reasons might include the following:

  • An overcrowded mouth where there’s not enough room for braces to properly align the teeth.
  • An infection that does not respond to root canal therapy or antibiotics.
  • A tooth is at risk for infection when your immune system is severely compromised.

The Tooth Extraction Process

You’ll be given a local anesthetic at the beginning of the treatment, so you won’t have to worry about pain or discomfort during the extraction. The next step depends on what kind of extraction needs to be performed. If the tooth is visible in your mouth, the process is quite simple; we need to loosen it with a special instrument before removing it altogether. For teeth that are trapped beneath the gums, surgery is required to remove the tissue that is in the way. Once the tooth has been exposed, we can gently loosen it with forceps. However, some teeth are particularly hard to remove and must be divided into pieces first.

Immediately following the treatment, we’ll have you bite down on a gauze bag to stop the bleeding. This allows a blood clot to form, protecting the exposed socket while your mouth heals.

Tooth Extraction Aftercare

We’ll give you more specific aftercare instructions following the procedure. In general, you should take painkillers as prescribed. It’s a good idea to use an ice pack to keep swelling to a minimum. Rest for at least 24 hours after the extraction and try to limit activity for the next day or two. Avoid drinking from a straw, as it might dislodge the blood clot.

Tooth Extractions FAQs

We only get one set of pearly whites in our lifetime. Although you may do everything in your power to preserve them, there are instances where a hurting tooth cannot be salvaged. Fortunately, that’s where tooth extractions come in to save the day. By removing a damaged or decayed tooth, we can restore your oral health so you can enjoy a problem-free smile. At Bartusiak Dental Care of Washington, we understand that getting a tooth pulled can sound intimidating. To ease your nerves, we’ve decided to answer some frequently asked patient questions.

Dental-related anxiety is a problem that affects millions of Americans every year. It’s typically not a big deal unless it gets in the way of receiving dental care. If you have a fear of the dentist, you may be hesitant to move forward with a tooth extraction because you’re worried the procedure will be painful. Rest assured – we’ll numb your mouth beforehand to ensure you’re completely comfortable while getting your tooth pulled. Keep in mind that you’ll likely experience soreness and discomfort after the procedure. However, you can have a speedy and smooth sailing recovery by diligently following your aftercare instructions.

It’s incredibly important that you take the time to properly prepare for your tooth extraction in Washington. During your consultation, make sure you ask Dr. Bartusiak what to do in preparation for the procedure. He’ll explain what to bring, what to eat, and provide you with other specific instructions. Since you’ll likely receive local or general anesthesia, you should arrange for a trusted individual to drive you home following your extraction.

 A tooth extraction is a major procedure, which is why there’s a long list of aftercare instructions you’ll need to follow. Besides resting, one of the most important aspects of your recovery is caring for the blood clot that forms on the surgical site. If you fail to do so, you risk having a dry socket, which can be quite painful. Additionally, you’ll need to keep your mouth as clean as possible while you heal to minimize the risk of infection. You can do that by rinsing with warm salt water, changing the gauze as necessary, and practicing good oral hygiene (brushing and flossing daily).

The number of options you have depends on the number of teeth you’re getting pulled and where they’re located in the mouth. Based on your unique case, Dr. Bartusiak will recommend one of the following:

  • Dental Bridge – This option uses adjacent teeth to anchor the replacement tooth in place.
  • Dentures – If you got multiple teeth pulled, you can seamlessly rebuild your smile with partial or full dentures.
  • Dental Implants – This method of tooth replacement is considered the best one because it offers many incredible benefits, such as unmatched durability, longer lifespan, and the ability to preserve the jawbone.

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Stefanie King
Stefanie King
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Dr. Barry and his staff are wonderful. They make you feel comfortable the moment you walk in. During your visit, they are always asking if you need anything and if you’re okay. Every staff member is very friendly. I have had both routine cleaning and dental work done and am extremely pleased with both. I definitely recommend this office for your dental needs.
Justin Benson
Justin Benson
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Fantastic experience. Started seeing Dr. Barry for a dental emergency a few months ago. I tried contacting 10+ dentists in the area, none of them would see me. Crazy, right? I'm very happy those 10+ dentists declined me as a patient. I had an appointment scheduled with Dr. Barry the next day. Professional, knowledgeable, friendly staff. Nothing but good things to say as a new patient. And no, I wasn't provided a gift card to leave this review. I did so on my own free will.
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